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Diamond Room 2017

Ninja turtle face painting Diamond Room PNC

I was honored to be the first time this cutie got face painted. You never know a finger painter might have beat me to him.

The Reds Diamond room never gets old. I love being able to spend time having fun with the families that are invited to play a game on the Reds stadium against a semi pro team.

Many thanks to PNC the host that has been so good to me all these years.

PNC Bank

BLue bird face painting PNC Bank

Nothing like being the surprise in someone’s day that brings a smile. Looks like the bluebird of happiness strikes again.

PNC Band had events this summer introducing their affiliation with the Reds Baseball team. People were suprised just how fun it could be to go to the bank. This young lady was a delight to paint.

July 2017

The Cincinnati Contemporary Art Museum 2017

The Cincinnati Contemporary Art Museum had their annual Family Fun Day. The museum’s theme this month is clowns. Not everyone was a clown, but we had so much fun.

Cincinnati Contemporary Art Museum face painting clowns

Girls and boys loved doing the clowns today at the museum.

The Cincinnati Contemporary Art Museum Creepy Clown face painting

Creepy clowns were very popular. My face painting partner Lisa made this boys day.

Cincinnati Contemporary Art Museum rainbow tiger

Not everyone was a tiger. She was so adorable I had to include her in this post.

Cincinnati Parks by the River

Elsa- face painting Cincinnati

The popular lovely blue Elsa lives on.

The Cincinnati Parks on the River are the best.

So family oriented with a wide variety of activities to choose from. The carousel, concerts, The Reds Baseball games and museum, fountains to play in, and of course their organized park activities that I have been so blessed to be invited to participate in. Cincinnati really cares about their citizens.