Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Covid 19 Protocol

  • Due to the current Covid 19 I am down. The state has put a notice to all the professional make up artists to shut down till further notice. The numbers are too high in Ohio still.
  • When I resume I will have standards in place listed below. Unless there’s a vaccine or cure.
  • I will be taking temperatures. Anyone over 100.4 will not be allowed to be painted. No individual can be painted that has a runny nose, cough, or sneezing.
  • I will be staying away from the eyes, nose, and mouth. I will also paint arms.I will paint around these areas.
  • I need a safe zone designated, and respected of 6 feet away from my work station. Only the child, and maybe the parent if the child needs supervision.
  • I will need someone to manage the children so that there are no children near me or my supplies until it is there turn. Only 3 children at a time watching and waiting for their turn. Chairs for the children next in line is advised.
  • You should consider an alternative activity while they wait to be called for their turn.
  • The person managing the children needs to make sure their faces are clean before they sit in my chair. A station with Nuetrogena face wipes will be provided for the line manager.
  • I would appreciate the children wearing a mask while seated in my chair.
  •  I at minimum will be wearing a face shield and mask. I will need the children around me to be supervised to have only 2-3 at a time 6′ apart from one another.
  •  I will use a new sponge on each child. My brushes will go through a 3 stage disinfectant, and the rinse will be replaced periodically.
  • Their seat will be wiped down, and my kit will be shielded. My paints have antibacterial properties in them. However there has not been any studies as to if those properties will kill the Corona Virus. I sanitize all my paints with alcohol before and after the event.
  • My sponges are washed in a clothes washing machine, and ran through a dryer in between use.
  •  I will bring a waver to have you sign before I begin to paint. The waver will release me from any liability of transmission of the Covid Virus.
  •  At any time during the party you are unable to maintain a secured area for my performance. I will stop and notify you before I can begin to perform again. I am paid in full upon arrival. If you can’t meet the above Covid Protocol and I must stop repeatedly. I will terminate my services, and will maintain my pay.

Please read my contract , and when you reply confirm that you agree to it’s terms and the above Covid safety measures.

  • How much advance notice is required?

I prefer a 3-week notice. Don’t hesitate to check for cancellations.

  • Are the paints safe?

I use only cosmetic grade paints designed for face painting, FDA compliant paints, and glitters.

  • Can you do theme parties?

Yes, we will work with you on your event’s theme.

  • What is your hourly rate?

My rate is $100.00 per hour per face painter, for a minimum of 2 hours. We will work for less than 2 hours, but not less than the $200.00 fee per face painter. After 2 hours we will adjust rate by the half hour if needed. Travel outside our local area may require an additional fee.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

I  accept credit cards on line through PayPal. When you request using PayPal we will send you an invoice through PayPal with a link to pay securely on line. We add a 3% service fee for online invoices paid with a credit card. I accept Venmo, and google pay for electronic payment. 

  • What do I need to have a successful outdoor event?

For outdoor events we need a temperature ranging from 50 – 85 degrees. This determines the paint’s, and or balloon’s abilities to perform. In extreme weather, the paints either melt or turn hard on the pallet, and the balloons risk popping at higher degress, thus making it hard to give you a quality job. So covering is essential.

Feel Free to call us with any questions we have not answered. Thanks for taking your time to view our web site. We look forward to talking with you. You may E-mail Joyce or call her at (513) 509-4898

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