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Pride Festival Cincinnati Ohio 2015


Cincinnati Pride Festival 2015

A special request. How lovely!

What a beautiful day it was at the Pride Festival in Cincinnati Ohio 2015. The people were so friendly. I’ve never painted so many adults in one place at any time in my career. The creative ideas were abundant.  She insisted on stars with her flower, and I couldn’t have agreed more.

Fresh Thyme Market Harper’s Point

Fresh Thyme has included me in a couple of their new store grand openings. I’m so excited to have this one close to my home. They have a goal of making healthy organic foods available to more than just the rich. It makes me happy to be a part of their launch. I wish them much success. They are opening new stores all over the Midwest. Keep an eye for one in your neighborhood.

Fairy-Princess Face Painting Cincinnati Fresh Thyme Market

There was magic in the air. All the girls were saying this design made them feel like fairy princesses.

Summer Family Reunion

Face Painting Heart Wings Angels Cincinnati Fantasy

I think someone sent me an angel.

What a beautiful day it was for this family reunion in the Park. The children couldn’t have been more well behaved. The angel wings, and hearts were the most requested images of the day. When I asked for this picture, she instantly knew how to pose. What a beauty.